Have you ever had a cell phone turn from being awesome, to a piece of junk? This is what happens when the operating system is designed to start working against the hardware of the phone after a certain time period. Yes your hardware is only as good as the Software allows it to be. The same hardware can produce very different results depending on the programs that are running the system. Choosing the right programs for your requirements is an important decision. One video editing program we tired out, worked well with our machine, but as we were not willing to buy it, we then tired a few others. Needless to say not even one of the others were able to work on the same machine. They kept giving errors that the hardware is not good enough? This is in part because of the operating system we are using. It is not just the app or program, and the hardware, but also the limitations of what your operating system can handle. In the Online Mall we like accommodating a variety of people, on multiple platforms. Here are some outlets, and great softwares, to chose form.