On the road, or not?

How many people make a living, designing, building, selling, repairing, servicing, or just talking about vehicles! This section of the Online Mall is for everything On the road, or not. We are especially excited by the idea of having new cars for sale online, but will have to see who is up for the challenge? Customers can apply for finance online, and a dealership has their cars transported across the country anyway. So what prevents this obvious next step in the automotive world? Local dealers can still count the sale, do the licensing, deliver the vehicle, earn commision, and service the car. A bank will still be Financing a cars, unless it is a cash sale, and no part of the supply chain is excluded? A customers dream literally come true, no salesperson trying to sway your purchase! All that seems to be in the way is… ?? Till that becomes a reality, we hope you enjoy the products currently available in these shops.