Bringing your store to the Mall!

Starting an online store, may seem out of reach. Perhaps your budget only allows you to start an Online store with the bootstrapper approach? No worries, we have created the mall in a way that will allow anyone willing to join. The great thing with the online Mall is, NO RENT! If no one buys from your shop in the Online Mall, you pay us nothing! No monthly subscription, no minimum sales, just a great place to get exposure, and start generating customers. Let’s build the Mall together!

What do you need?

  1. Good, reliable, products.
  2. A way to ship anywhere via reliable door to door courier services.
  3. An online store front containing the products you have in stock.
  4. Adhere to all aspects of the consumer protection act.
  5. Include an Affiliate program in your store, and allow us to be an affiliate.

Partner for the web

Once you have decided to go online, there are literally thousands of people who would like to help you do just that. We are using WordPress to make this Mall. Why, because it is free, and allows beginners to create world class web pages, with powerful plug and play features. The link to wordpress below contains the free option, as well as premium options. Getting started can be challenging, all you need to do is read, read, and yes read! If on the other hand you have money to invest, you can pay premium partners who have tools just for shops. Here are some examples to get you in a direction. We want to include any developers in the mall who would like to help people build their online store. Here are links to development sites that have joined so far:

Join the Mall

In conclusion, the most noteworthy reason to do all of this, is to join the Mall! Think about how the mall operates, make sure your shop allows you to let us have an affiliate account with you. That is how you know exactly what was sold through the Mall, and how we make a commision from generating sales for you.

We look forward to doing business with you.